News 5/7 – Arrests Poll Well. Antipodes Parakeets. Student Injuries.

July 5th 2013 at 7:57am, By Dave Guerin

Policy, Management & People

  1. Arrests Poll Well 58% of people like arresting big student loan defaulters at the border.
  2. UCOL & WDC A UCOL & Wanganui District Council report on tertiary education in Wanganui was to be released yesterday and it was.
  3. General Staff The TEU’s General Staff Day was held on Wednesday, and had good ODT coverage, mentioning the superb branch co-president.
  4. Aquarium Otago Uni has put aside $500k to investigate a new aquarium.
  5. Enrolments Steven Joyce released April 2013 SDR enrolment data.
  6. Joyce’s Travel Winston Peters criticised Steven Joyce over the cost of a recent 4-day trip to Europe ($56k). Presumably he had some staff along with him.
  7. Too Many Teachers Waikato’s Roger Moltzen thinks it might be time to limit teacher education enrolments.
  8. Extras: the TEU wants more investment in ITPs and support of Canterbury; Massey has a top skater on staff; Victoria caretakers ratify pay deal; Auckland’s Maidment Theatre reopening; Whitecliffe hosting education agents; Stuart Middleton reviews the Bridging the Divides conference; junior Labour MP makes promise for 10,000 Maori apprenticeships.

Research & Innovation

  1. Antipodes Parakeets A DOC-Auckland team was off to Antipodes Island yesterday, which has two endemic parakeets, amongst other things (Auckland, Fairfax, NewstalkZB),
  2. Pacific Kids An AUT study of 1,400 Pacific kids born in 2000 was discussed by Prof Elaine Rush (Fairfax).
  3. Ads for Kids Otago Uni’s Leah Watkins has surveyed parents’ views on TV ads targeting kids (NZ Herald).
  4. Extras: Otago Uni gives award to Shinichi Nakagawa.

Public Issues

  1. Eating Canterbury’s Ekant Veer, marketing lecturer, opined on the cost of fresh food and takeaways (NewstalkZB). His colleague, Eric Crampton, pointed out another angle on the impact of fast food outlets. Otago Uni’s Christine Jasoni on digestion and depression.
  2. Goldie Victoria’s Roger Blackley outraged a Northland man when he suggested his Goldie artwork was a copy of a photo.
  3. Morsi Otago Uni’s Prof Robert Patman on Morsi’s removal.
  4. Marrying Your Cousin…doubles the risk of defects for babies, but Auckland’s Andrew Shelling said the risk was still small (SMC, One News).
  5. Extras: Otago Uni’s Prof Paora Tapsell sceptical about government support for marae insurance; Massey’s Darryl Forsyth on psychometric tests; Massey’s Mandy Morgan resigned from Glenn Inquiry; Victoria paper on broadband regulation; Auckland’s Prof Craig Elliffe on tax guidance; academics on kids’ life expectancy and obesity.


  1. Student Injuries NMIT student attacked in Blenheim. Canterbury student’s eye hurt by paintball pellet.
  2. Dancers A Tertiary Dance Festival was run in Hamilton.
  3. League Waiariki student to lead NZ tertiary rugby league side in student world cup.
  4. Chopper A CPIT student is using a remote control helicopter to take shots of Christchurch.
  5. Extras: NorthTec student on murder charge; Victoria students presenting Shakespeare; Waiariki student’s skate park mural design; student bus discounts sought in Dunedin.


  1. Glaeser Harvard’s Prof Edward Glaeser is to speak at Canterbury next week – I saw him speak on Wednesday in Wellington and he was great. Go to it if you can.
  2. Placemakers…is supporting 12 BCITO apprentices around the country.
  3. Catapults School students at UCOL have made catapults and will test them soon.
  4. Extras: Massey wishes Palmie town crier well; Auckland students helping transgender prisoners.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Tents Canterbury students are testing Kathmandu tents.
  2. Hokonui SIT involved in Hokonui Tertiary High School programme.
  3. Extras: Waikato short course for execs on tikanga (NZ Herald); Le Cordon Bleu grads; CPIT students get their fashion collections photographed; MIT students working on South Auckland tourism strategy.

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