News 28/6 – Carr Stays. CTU on Industry Training. Bain.

June 28th 2013 at 7:52am, By Dave Guerin

Policy, Management & People

  1. Carr Stays Canterbury VC Rod Carr will have another five years in the role from Feb 2014 after the Council renewed his contract. It’s good to see he will follow through on recovery plans. Meanwhile Labour’s Megan Woods said that there wouldn’t be any more programme cuts in the College of Arts.
  2. New CE Media Design School has a new CE – Darryn Melrose, a former ad agency head.
  3. EAG NZUSA, the Greens’ Holly Walker and the TEU challenged the Government over figures in the OECD’s Education at a Glance.
  4. CTU on Industry Training The CTU’s Helen Kelly heavily criticises the industry training system.
  5. TEU…on tea breaks and higher education learning outcomes.
  6. Extras: Yoobee School of Design’s parent company in bad shape (design school is fine); new air agreements might help Gulf education market; Tariana Turia’s speech on Massey Maori/Pasifika strategies; Primary ITO on its new industry advisory structure; Maori Party candidate on student support.

Research & Innovation

  1. Asthma Otago Uni’s Prof Julian Crane linked damp homes to asthma (NZ Herald, NZN, NewstalkZB).
  2. Hydration Massey worked with a former student to develop hydration drinks.
  3. Cities AUT’s Prof Ian Shirley has written a book on cities.
  4. Pasifika Massey to establish a Pasifika research centre.
  5. Extras: AUT rugby study short of numbers; Auckland-developed game picked up by US firm; Auckland’s school census (RNZ, NZ Herald); Auckland involved in HRC-Canada research partnership; Massey PhD student on saunas and headaches; Otago Uni’s Prof Paul Glue on synthetic cannabis (NZ Herald).

Public Issues

  1. Rail Massey’s Imran Muhammad on Auckland’s city rail link.
  2. Bain Canterbury’s Chris Gallavin and Greg Newbold, and Otago Uni’s Prof Kevin Dawkins, on Bain murders’ evidence.
  3. Extras: Massey’s David Tripe on farm debt and home lending; Canterbury’s Jon Harding on damage to NZ wetlands and Peter Field exploring if the US hadn’t become independent; Auckland’s Dame Ann Salmond had a brain dump in the NZ Herald.


  1. Fares VUWSA is unhappy at proposed public transport fares in Wellington.
  2. Cooking AuSM, AUT’s students’ assn, offers students a weekly free feed.
  3. Athletes Auckland is supporting student athletes. Guess it comes out of the marketing budget.
  4. Extras: Otago Uni rower; CPIT’s student’s documentary work; UCSA prez on Christchurch alcohol policy.


  1. History Victoria hosting European history conference.
  2. Extras: Auckland grad got Fulbright; Lincoln farming competition; nice CPIT fundraising dinner idea; MIT’s school chef competition and one at Wintec.

Teaching & Learning

  1. NorthTec…painting students do up church and art students hold an exhibition.

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June 28th, 2013 at 9:53 am

Helen Kelly’s comments on industry training appear to boil down to access. I am not convinced that there is good evidence for systemic access problems.

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