News 10/5 – Trades Training. Living Wage. Rugby Partnership.

May 10th 2013 at 8:24am, By ED Staff

Policy, Management & People

  1. Trades Training Steven Joyce has announced an expansion of Maori and Pasifika Trades Training to 3,000 places (Radio NZ), and the ITF has welcomed the move.
  2. Living Wage The TEU’s Dean Scott is calling for Massey staff to be paid a living wage.
  3. Overseas-Based Borrowers… make up 60% of student loan defaulters and Peter Dunne says it’s not fair (3 News).
  4. Budget Preview The TEU previews what it expects for tertiary education in the upcoming national budget.
  5. QS Rankings Canterbury’s engineering ranking jumped more than 30 places in the latest QS rankings, Otago Uni is pleased with its own results (ODT), and Massey was ranked 21st for agriculture.

Research & Innovation

  1. Chilean Education Victoria’s Colin Kennedy has been researching the consequences of socio-economic inequality in Chile’s education system.
  2. Threatened Species Canterbury’s Wireless Research Centre has developed new wireless monitoring technology to protect NZ’s kiwi and other native birds (Newstalk ZB).
  3. Integrated Learning Waikato’s Deborah Fraser, Viv Aitken, and Barbara Whyte have released a  new book calling for creative and integrated learning in schools.
  4. Terrorist Attacks Canterbury’s Andy Martens is researching patterns in terrorist attacks (Global Times).
  5. Post-Stroke Rehab Otago Uni’s Simon Hoermann has developed a new computer system that may allow some stroke victims to recover lost hand function.
  6. Extras: Lincoln scientists integrating grape waste into pasture stock diet.

Public Issues

  1. Creative Capital Massey V-C Steve Maharey on Wellington and John Key’s recent comments.
  2. Maori Crime Canterbury’s Greg Newbold says the Maori crime rate is too high and sentences need to get tougher.
  3. Tech Divide Massey’s Prof Howard Lee and Canterbury’s Prof Gregory Lee are concerned that a reliance on mobile learning technology will exclude some students.
  4. Sexsomnia Victoria’s Gerald Kennedy on the sleep disorder that manifests in deviant behaviour while sleeping.
  5. Solid Energy Massey’s Claire Matthews on the future of Solid Energy.
  6. Extras:  Otago Uni’s Bryce Edwards on Aaron Gilmore; Massey’s David Tripe on Reserve Bank policy; Massey’s Jeffrey Stangl answers questions on investing in shares.


  1. Rugby Partnership Unitec has launched a partnership with the 1st XV Rugby Competition.
  2. Building Ventilation International expert in ventilating buildings, Dr Peter Wouters, to deliver free public lecture at Victoria.
  3. US Attorney General… Eric Holder spoke at Auckland this week.
  4. Auckland Triennial… presented in partnership with AUT.
  5. Community Heritage AUT to host the NZ Historic Places Trust Community Heritage Symposium.
  6. Extras: Massey has honoured 19 new Professors Emeriti at a ceremony.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Business Comp A Waikato Enactus team won the technology prize at the recent 48 Hour Business competition.
  2. South Korean Immigrant… Karen Lee says studying ESOL at MIT “was the bridge that let [her] enter New Zealand society”.
  3. Training Restaurant The Rata Room is the training restaurant for NMIT’s cookery and hospitality students.
  4. Boot Camps Canterbury’s Prof Tim Bell and Institute of IT Professionals C-E Paul Matthews on the possibility of tech training boot camps.

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