News 25/1 – Earnings Data. Strategic Studies. Emotional Eating.

January 25th 2013 at 8:29am, By ED Staff

Policy, Management & People

  1. Earnings Data The TEU says the Minister is misusing data to shape the workforce and Tauranga work and education providers say not to decide a career based on future income. An economist also commented on the comparative earnings data.
  2. First Aid The NZQA is making changes to its monitoring to ensure organisations are complying with first aid training requirements.
  3. Strategic Studies Victoria’s Strategic Studies Centre has been ranked third amongst think tanks in Asia.
  4. New Staff Auckland has appointed Elizabeth Aitken-Rose as Head of the School of Architecture and Planning.
  5. NMIT… TEU members are calling for an end to linked academic pay and productivity.
  6. Allowances A PhD student and the TEU weigh in on postgrad allowances
  7. Extras: the TEU on Canterbury’s agreement with Navitas; Massey’s Steve Stannard taking on the NZ Cycle Classic.

Research & Innovation

  1. Emotional Eating Otago Uni’s Tamlin Conner, Caroline Horwath and Bonnie White are researching the relationship between day-to-day emotions and eating (ODT, NZ Herald, Newstalk ZB, TVNZ).
  2. Antarctic Research NZers working on the international Antarctic Geological Drilling project, ANDRILL, have been dealt a blow after US funding was denied.
  3. Antarctic Fish… can survive sharp rises in sea temperatures, says Canterbury’s Prof Bill Davison (NZ Herald, Newstalk ZB).
  4. Kiwi Diseases Massey’s Kerri Morgan has discovered how to prevent coccidiosis in kiwis (Radio NZ).
  5. Crohn’s Disease Two Otago Uni med students have discovered that the Nelson region has one of the highest rates of Crohn’s disease yet found in the world.
  6. Extras: Auckland working on healthbots; Otago Uni student research projects have led to practical results; Victoria’s Prof Colin Wilson has found a new type of underwater volcano; Lincoln’s Tim Curran researching plant flammability; Otago Poly researching renewable wood as heat source; Victoria-designed life vest finalist in James Dyson Awards; editorial on Otago Uni smokefree research.

Public Issues

  1. Charter Schools Massey’s Prof John O’Neill says the Govt’s proposed model replicates the worst elements of overseas charter schools.
  2. Rena Wreck Waikato’s Chris Battershill on likely level of contamination from the Rena shipwreck (TVNZ, NZ Herald, 3 News).
  3. Helmet Safety Auckland’s Prof Valery Feigin backs helmets for all high-risk sports.
  4. Israeli Elections Auckland’s Stephen Hoadley explains the outcome of the Israeli elections.
  5. Mali Otago Uni’s Prof Robert Patman on French intervention in Mali.
  6. Bain Compensation Otago Uni’s Prof Andrew Geddis on the difficulties of David Bain’s compensation claim (Radio NZ).
  7. Extras: Otago Poly’s Tom Clark on Novopay.


  1. SJS Figures… show Otago students earned over $8 million through the service in 2012, up 15 per cent from 2011.


  1. WITT… has been holding the SCANZ 2013: 3rd nature residency for national and international artists this week.
  2. UCOL… is hosting govt-funded Free and Easy sessions to help the community use computers effectively.
  3. Game Jam Waikato hosting a leg of the 48 hour Global Game Jam this weekend. Media Design School is running a Games Summit next month.
  4. Extras: AUT’s Alan Brown to judge venison recipe comp; Sir Paul Nurse spoke at Auckland last week.

Teaching & Learning

  1. International Award Canterbury’s Prof Tim Bell has won a prestigious international award for his global contribution to computer science.
  2. Contemporary Music Waiariki has been approved by NZQA to deliver a Certificate in Contemporary Music Performance in 2013.
  3. Imagine Cup A Waikato team is in the 2013 New Zealand Microsoft Imagine Cup finals with their vaccination/medical records smartphone app designed for third world countries. Waikato stduents also won places at a Canadian IT case comp.
  4. Te Reo Maori Otago Uni’s Matiu Ratima says its commitment to Te Reo Māori as an everyday thing is paying off.
  5. Teacher Training The first students from the new  Teach First course are about to start work in schools.
  6. Extras: opinion piece on new NZQA-listed Brewers Guild Certificate in the Craft of Beer.

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