News 21/9 – Top Innovators. Icy Places. GM Crops.

September 21st 2012 at 7:31am, By Dave Guerin

Policy, Management & People

  1. TEU…on extra parental leave at Victoria, and academic stress.
  2. Maori in Science Massey’s Cindy Kiro is calling for more Maori to enter health and science. A paper somehow linked such a goal to Waiariki appointing a new Maori economic development academic role.
  3. Extras: bad employment process alleged at Canterbury; John Key spruiking LSV grads to employers; possible impacts of youth benefit reforms for travel to tertiary education.

Research & Innovation

  1. Top Innovators Idealog named Massey’s Prof Ian Yule and Lincoln’s Alison Stewart as top innovators – big write-ups on each.
  2. Ice Victoria’s Nicholas Golledge on Antarctic ice sheets.
  3. Mapping Auckland Auckland’s Wardlow Friesen on mapping Auckland and Prof Paul Spoonley on a Massey project in the same vein.
  4. Chch Eating Canterbury’s Sussie Morrish has looked into restaurant reopenings in Christchurch.
  5. Extras: chiropractic research at Auckland/NZ College of Chiropractic; Canterbury robots; Canterbury abortion research cited; Waikato’s Prof James Carson on a showerhead; Auckland’s Prof Robert Scragg on Vitamin D.

Public Issues

  1. Icy Places Canterbury’s Prof Bryan Storey on the Ross Sea (NZ Herald), Daniel Liggett on Antarctic tourism and Wolfgang Rack on Arctic sea ice (Fairfax).
  2. Politics Waikato’s Prof Alexander Gillespie wants a legal code for politicians – well, he is a lawyer.
  3. GM Crops Canterbury’s Prof Jack Heinemann on the risks of GM wheat and a bunch of academics on a GM maize and cancer report (NZN, Fairfax, NZ Herald, NZ Herald).
  4. Forgiveness Rhema interviewed Alphacrucis’ Sean du Toit and Canterbury’s Myron Frieson on forgiveness.
  5. Addiction Otago Uni’s Prof Doug Sellman on food as an addiction (SciBlogs). Massey’s Cat Pause responded.
  6. SAS Massey’s Jim Veitch on SAS off to Afghanistan.
  7. Extras: Massey Mike Joy on river quality (you knew it!); Canterbury’s Ekant Veer on social media; Canterbury’s Bronwyn Hayward protesting school changes; AUT’s Prof Elaine Rush on a breakfast biscuit; Auckland’s Prof Tim Hazledine on salmon farming benefits; Waikato’s Prof Jacqueline Rowarth on bad media reporting; Otago Uni’s John Guthrie on ANZ sponsorship of Adams’ medial ceremony; Auckland’s Prof Clark Thomborson on bad railway memories; Auckland’s Helen Petousis-Harris on cervical cancer vaccine risks; Victoria’s Richard Arnold on NZers with the same birthday as Prince Charles; Otago Uni’s Leo Schep on a teen’s ridiculous alcohol intake.


  1. NZ’s Top Flautist…is at Waikato.
  2. Valerie Adams…will speak at Massey’s Blues awards.
  3. Extras: Waikato has top Maori mooter; cake for Massey Paralympian; Otago Uni lifesaver; big budget for OUSA; Massey yachting medallist.


  1. Akld Politiciansvisit Massey Albany.
  2. Extras: US charter schools expert to visit Canterbury; MIT’s links with Samoa and Tonga; Auckland research for St Kents; Waikato lecture on Constable’s art; Hamilton Mayor visits Waikato campus; school students at MIT construction class; new Career Navigator programme in South Auckland; Tim Shadbolt said SIT’s Zero Fees would have been prevented by proposed local body legislation; Auckland school songwriter winners.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Extras: ATTTO recognises training advocate; Otago Uni’s David Perez on medical students’ training.

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