News 11/9 – Aoraki Loss. ELS Closure. Zombie Ants.

September 11th 2012 at 7:30am, By Dave Guerin

There are some great Waikato research stories today, and lots of interesting links overall.

Policy, Management & People

  1. Aoraki Loss Aoraki is forecasting a $1.3m loss as EFTS are down 19% on budget. That’s a real problem for them and they have a small window to turn it around before a merger is presented to them as their main option.
  2. ELS Closure Canterbury’s English language school may close for two years, as there are 7 staff (3 part-time) but only 20 students right now. Another provider would fill the gap in the interim.
  3. Nursing Review of UCOL’s nursing provision for international students – it’s an interesting situation that I reviewed for ED Insider yesterday (to be published this morning).
  4. Power Surge A power surge stuffed computers at WITT temporarily.
  5. QS Rankings The NZ Herald is reporting the latest QS rankings, with AUT there for the first time.
  6. Extras: Fairfax seems to rewrite a Canta story about Canterbury; Raukawa EPI improvement; profile of Whitireia’s Martin Russek; Otago Uni cited in freeing up of official stats; NZUSA on student debt.

Research & Innovation

  1. Women’s Weight Otago Uni’s Caroline Horwath on what helps women to keep weight off (Fairfax, APNZ, AAP).
  2. Programming A Waikato PhD student has gamified programming learning.
  3. Migration Waikato’s Prof John Gibson on whether migration is good for health.
  4. Kingfish Waikato and BOPP are working on farming kingfish – yum.
  5. IV Waikato’s Judy Bowen and Prof Steve Reeves on reverse engineering IV infusion pumps.
  6. 3D Waikato’s Adrian Dorrington creating cool 3D images.
  7. Extras: exhibition by Massey artists; Victoria’s John Townend on Canterbury quakes; Liggins Institute trial of olive leaf extract; Len Lye opera a winner at Auckland.

Public Issues

  1. Reading Massey’s Prof James Chapman oppose Labour’s plans to boost Reading Recovery, saying there are better options to achieve the overall goal.
  2. Don’t Study Arts Waikato’s Prof Jacqueline Rowarth shills for agriculture again (Waikato) and tries to get some headlines.
  3. Special Schools Canterbury’s Prof Garry Hornby opposes closure of residential schools (Fairfax).
  4. Ozone Canterbury’s Adrian McDonald on the ozone hole (Fairfax, NZ Herald).
  5. Zombie Ants Waikato’s Alison Campbell is giving an interesting public lecture soon.
  6. Teacher Needs Waikato’s Prof Roger Moltzen on a possible teacher shortage (Bay of Plenty Times).
  7. Extras: Massey’s Mike Joy on 100% Pure, Prof Richard Archer on a late Indian dairy leader, and Grant Duncan on asset sales; Massey’s Prof Paul Spoonley on a dopey NZ Herald poll; Massey Nick Roskruge on Maori food; AUT’s Greg Treadwell on new NZ Herald look (3 News); visitor to Waikato on languages; Otago Uni’s Marc Schallenberg on new water quality rules; Otago Uni’s Winsome Parnell on school lunches; Auckland’s Prof Gregory Luke Larkin on alcohol; Laidlaw’s Mark Keown on the Paralympics; Laidlaw/Victoria visiting scholar on religious violence; Canterbury’s Prof Philip Joseph on compensation for a murder accused who was imprisoned then freed.


  1. Nude Blacks…looking for an opponent.
  2. Extras: Sydney Uni rowing win; Massey swimmer wins at Paralympics; Auckland student gets wrong number texts; AUT student’s tile art; is AUSA at risk?


  1. Top Trainer ATTTO wins industry award.
  2. Extras: Chinese diplomat to speak at Massey; Victoria conference on the Romantics; great showing in Wallace Art Awards by Whitecliffe.

Teaching & Learning

  1. DEUs MIT is celebrating the successful introduction of Dedicated Education Units in clinical settings for nurse training.
  2. Godspell…was put on by MIT students.
  3. Extras: profile of Unitec adult learner; EIT promoting its new arts degree; Canterbury top lecturers.

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