News 21/5 – Holiday Park Buy. Quake-Prone Buildings. 48 Hour Films.

May 21st 2012 at 7:45am, By Dave Guerin

A story went up at the weekend about AUT scoring a 10-year contract to track flights for SpaceX, a private space flight organisation. Sounds interesting, but the story disappeared, maybe because the company’s rocket didn’t launch.

Policy, Management & People

  1. iPhone Ad Massey has a cute new iPhone-made ad, starring VC Steve Maharey. And there’s a “making of” video too. Impressively, it aired yesterday but I think they only filmed it last week.
  2. Holiday Park Buy Waiariki has bought a holiday park, which might seem odd, but it’s next door to their main campus and will be used for student accommodation.
  3. VSM Massey Albany has only had 19 students pay a $100 membership fee after VSM. ON a different angle, OUSA had an $800,000 loss last year, partly brought on by a write-down of assets that could not be retained post-VSM.
  4. Quake-Prone Buildings Lincoln has had Hudson Hall and Johnston Memorial Lab rated about the earthquake threshold, and Ivey Memorial Hall confirmed as earthquake-prone by Selwyn District Council (The Press). NMIT has meanwhile permanently vacated their F Block due to earthquake safety concerns.
  5. Enrolments With some odd analysis, this story comments on enrolment trends.
  6. Teacher Ed Canterbury’s Prof Gail Gillon likes teacher ed changes. The Nelson Mail’s editorial cites Victoria’s Dugald Scott.
  7. Extras: student Budget protest at Auckland; PBRF review and RNZ on recent changes; visiting indigenous academic at Waikato; more on UCOL Whanganui building; Otago Uni disputes some facts in the Dunedin Stadium report; WITT recycling; criticism of Steven Joyce’s op-ed; rescue efforts for missing Otago Uni staffer; editorial on Aoraki youth forum; Critic on councils, protest against an MOU with a Chinese university and NZUSA’s asset sales stance ; Labour’s Damian O’Connor wants more info on rural bonding schemes.

Research & Innovation

  1. Asian Signs While Massey has a mildly interesting release out about its Asian language signs research (needs more photos), Winston Peters has the limelight about immigration.
  2. Wow Otago Uni’s Prof Murray Tilyard has an active life, including overseeing some very impressive health IT businesses.
  3. Mapua Cleanup Otago Uni’s Ian McBride on Mapua cleanup safety.
  4. Chickens Canterbury’s Annie Potts has written a book on chickens, as part of an international series on animals.
  5. Extras: Victoria’s Neil Quigley on Taiwan exports; Canterbury-aligned start-up wins award; Canterbury’s James Smithies gets extra money for CEISMIC; Lincoln’s Rupert Tipples on migrant dairy labour; more on Victoria PhD’s happiness research; Canterbury work on smart meter safety; penguin data for Massey; Canterbury recording eastern Christchurch quake stories.

Public Issues

  1. Hip Hop Orchestra…is being arranged by Victoria’s Kenneth Young.
  2. China Trade Unitec’s Rick Ede on trade with China – the story also covers The Formary, a cool company that works next to me (literally, they sit a metre away).
  3. Religion Rant Waikato’s Prof Douglas Pratt seemed to rant at a reporter about religion, but made some points worth discussing.
  4. Alternative Budgets Auckland’s Business School has had an interesting idea to present alternative Budgets tomorrow. The only problem to me is that the judging panel is fairly stacked with centre-left/economic interventionist judges like Rod Oram, Bernard Hickey, Selwyn Pellett and John Walley (4/6). Anyway, it’s a good idea.
  5. Out of the Blue Otago Uni’s Davinia Thornley comments on the film Out of the Blue and the constraints of genre.
  6. Extras: Otago Uni’s Nicola Atwool on welfare reform; Otago Uni’s Dr Blackman on radioactivity in the body and Thorsten Stanley on a little boy’s medical conditions; Auckland’s Cameron Grant on whooping cough; Massey’s Claire Mathews on the runaway millionaire case, bank rates and paying off loans; Lincoln’s Philip Hulme on wasps; Whitecliffe’s Michele Whitecliffe on a dress for Kate Middleton; Victoria’s Terence O’Brien on MFAT changes; Waikato’s Carrie Barber on treating ADHD in kids; Waikato’s Jacques Poot on immigration to Australia; Victoria’s Dugald Scott quoted approvingly by Michael Laws (bet he’s proud).


  1. Car Crash The American exchange student driver in last week’s crash that left three friends dead has been charged over the crash (Fairfax, Fairfax, NZ Herald, NewstalkZB, 3 News). Here’s a story about the memorial service that sums up the complex situation (NZ Herald, NZN).
  2. 48 Hour Films UCOL students were gearing up for the 48 Hour Film Festival and Unitec had not only their staff and students participating, but also people from a Shanghai partner. [email protected] is greatly involved too, with some nice stories in the release. Here’s a story about an Aoraki team’s efforts. Meanwhile BOPP was running a 48 hour photo competition.
  3. Media Freedom A Pakistani journalist and AUT PhD students warns about risks to media freedom.
  4. Flat Catsmay or may not be a student problem in Hamilton.
  5. Science Rap Otago Uni’s science rapper.
  6. Pink Pride Pink Pride was celebrated at Unitec on Friday (release) and I saw a TEU photo on Facebook too.
  7. Beauty An AUT student is Miss Auckland while a Victoria student won a modelling contract, and Auckland academic Caroline Daley commented on the decline of beauty pageants.
  8. Extras: Auckland piano quartet; CPIT students making Oamaru doco; Waikato netballers won their club title; 160 Manawatu students/student groups entered an innovation competition and 4 made the 10 finalists; Lincoln Shave to Save (The Press); Canterbury student’s texting habits; AUT student gets fine wiped.


  1. Tranquillity 40 Lincoln students have designed spaces for the Places of Tranquillity – six spaces based on different areas of the world, with the winner of each to be decided by public voting.
  2. Flying Visit The PM visited Massey’s aviation school last week.
  3. Ice Cream Tasting Massey’s Kay McMath and fellow judges got to taste 286 frozen treats as part of the NZ ice cream awards.
  4. Youth Theatre Whitireia was running auditions for a youth theatre company it operates.
  5. Game Industry Media Design School hosting game developers’ conference.
  6. Extras: Massey-sponsored Christchurch design comp; Manawatu Jets hosted at UCOL; top building apprentice to be announced; artist performing at BOPP: homeless competing with Waikato and Wintec students for homes; Otago Poly staff raise money for hospice; CPIT’s Neil MacInnes is an A level culinary judge; AUT theatre partnership; Otago Uni motorsport academy.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Extras: InfraTrain project with young Maori; Mai Chen speaking to Otago Uni law students; song writing workshop at BOPP.

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