News 15/5 – Nursing Investigation. Vet School. Name for Sale.

May 15th 2012 at 10:07am, By Dave Guerin

The news for yesterday and today has been delayed due to a server changeover at our end. Given our muck up, we’ll go very easy on the next two ICT muck-ups in tertiary education J

Policy, Management & People

  1. Nursing Investigation UCOL, NMIT and Waiariki are being investigated by NZQA over allegations of shonky entry standards by Indian nursing students.
  2. Vet School Massey is going to spend $75m to improve its veterinary facilities, so it can boost intakes from 100 to 140 (Fairfax, NewstalkZB).
  3. Easy to Qualify Some old timers think that today’s trade quals are too easy to get and want to bring back exams.
  4. New Dean Auckland has attracted Prof Robert Greenberg from CUNY to be its new Dean of the Faculty of Arts (NewstalkZB).
  5. VSM David Farrar on students’ assn perfidy and Salient had an anonymous column on Victoria’s alleged plans to undermine the students’ assn.
  6. Making Up Figures Rod Oram said “our universities have the lowest funding per student in the developed world” which seems completely false to me. I’d love to see his source for that.
  7. Loans and Allowances Salient on loans and allowances, a Dom Post editorial and school students at an open day. Also Indian Newslink (and again and again).
  8. Extras: TEU on council petition; protests against Canterbury cuts (The Press); silly Massey graphic; NZUSA challenged by students over stance on asset sales; WWF wants the TEC to promote sustainability; Massey responds to teacher ed concerns.

Research & Innovation

  1. Pygmy Elephants A Victoria PhD student has been researching pygmy elephants in Borneo.
  2. Cost of Laws Otago Uni public health researchers estimated the costs of developing laws (RNZ, Homepaddock, NBR).
  3. 3D Guitars We mentioned the 3D printed guitars form Massey yesterday, but this link has a video with the maker playing it.
  4. Backyard Science Canterbury’s Mark Quigley dug up his own backyard to find old liquefaction.
  5. Extras: rare plant blooms at Waikato; NetSafe cites Auckland research; Southland Times editorial on Canterbury virtual spiders; Massey researchers found some Kiwis don’t like ethnic signs; Otago Uni’s Prof John Campbell on the ageing population and Anthony Watts on an undersea volcano.

Public Issues

  1. Employment Disputes Auckland’s Bill Hodge offered views on current disputes.
  2. Extras: Victoria’s Susan Corbett on VPN provision; Otago Uni’s Shane Sexton on school science; Canterbury’s Chris Gallavin on insanity defences; Waikato’s Doug Boer on cycles of abuse; academics on taxing Sky to pay for the TV they like.


  1. Name for Sale A Media Design School student is selling his name on TradeMe to raise money for setting up a business
  2. Fatal Crash AUT offered condolences for an American exchange student of theirs (and the two Auckland students) who died in the car crash (we reported it was all Auckland students yesterday). Police following up (release, 3 News) and road safety questioned after fatal crash with American students. One of the students remains in critical condition.
  3. Mural Nice big mural by CPIT staff and students, with the community.
  4. Extras: university project leads to dining site; Otago Uni singer; Aoraki student-built house sold; apprenticeships at Dunedin career expo; person who attacked Otago Uni student jailed; Dunedin student business competition; Canterbury night surfers; BOPP wrestler; art grad talking to Waiariki artists; Canterbury tweeters.


  1. PR Win Canterbury staff won a PRINZ award for their PR work during the quakes as did some AUT students for another project.
  2. Theatre AUT has agreed a partnership with Auckland Theatre Company.
  3. Extras: Open Poly supporting policy and wellbeing conference; Otago Uni grad with lecture notes selling site; Waikato VC meets Rotary.

Teaching & Learning

  1. APL Otago Poly APL/RPL seminars.
  2. Extras: Massey Albany teaching and learning unit relocation.

3 Responses to News 15/5 – Nursing Investigation. Vet School. Name for Sale.


Jim Doyle

May 15th, 2012 at 2:28 pm

$75 million for 40 EFTS per year. Wow!


Dave Guerin

May 15th, 2012 at 2:36 pm

Well for 140 EFTS it is $536K capital investment/EFTS. Hmm, that’s quite a lot…but then if you look closely, they’re boosting intakes by 40 EFTS pa, so the total enrolment across the 5 year degree (assuming no attrition) is 500 and they want to boost it to 700. And that drops the capital to $107K pa, before you consider postgrad and research. So not so bad maybe but still a lot of money.


Jim Doyle

May 15th, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Yes, over five years it’s 40, 80, 120, 160, 200. Another way to look at it is if you depreciate the building over 20 years it would work out at $3.75m per year, divided by the 200 additional EFTS, it would come to $18,500 per EFTS. Even if you divide it by the full 700 you get $5,357 per EFTS. Hmmm.

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