News 2/4 – Computer Power. Flat Man! Dead Dog News.

April 2nd 2012 at 8:34am, By Dave Guerin

April Fool’s Day was yesterday so I missed the fun this year – previous efforts are here and here for the curious.

Policy, Management & People

  1. Chch Boost Lincoln welcomed the $5m for international promotion of Christchurch education. Languages International’s Darren Conway argues for work rights for language students.
  2. Computer Power The liquidators announced that WelTec and Whitireia were negotiating a deal to take over Computer Power, continuing Whitireia’s PTE purchasing path (Wellington Performing Arts Centre, NZ Radio Training School). I imagine they’d be buying into a good business as I understand the PTE had quite a high margin, which of course raises questions of why they didn’t pay the IRD bill. The issues was covered by Dom Post, RNZ, RNZ, RNZ, TV3, NZN and NewstalkZB. NZAPEP pointed out that the money should stay in the private sector, but Whitireia kept the other two PTEs under a separate company and presumably they still get PTE SAC funding.
  3. Innovation Nice detailed piece on science and innovation in the NZ Herald at the weekend – grab a coffee and read it.
  4. Otago Uni Audit The ODT reports on Otago Uni’s academic audit report.
  5. Bye Roger Prof Roger Field retired yesterday as Lincoln VC.
  6. Allowances NZUSA and AUSA comment on freezing of parental income thresholds for student allowances.
  7. Student IT The Yoobee campus stores, formerly Student IT, are to close.
  8. Extras: TEC CE made a public sector salaries editorialbig last day payouts to Telford and Tairawhiti CEs; Massey signed a deal with Mount Royal University (it’s in Calgary); Victoria’s new Facebook Timeline (which annoyingly filled up my feed); AUT’s Prof David Robie was stuck in Fiji; cuts at Wanganui ACE service; Otago Poly scenario discussion; study based on job prospects; students were to protest on Canterbury dept cuts but then decided not to; arts fellows chosen at Otago Uni; Otago Uni has a new environmental sustainability coordinator; Otago Poly’s $3m surplus.

Research & Innovation

  1. Sex A Massey student is still trying to find volunteers for her sex addiction treatment study.
  2. Eczema Otago Uni’s Kristen Wickens has found a probiotics developed by Fonterra can reduce eczema onset in infants.
  3. Eating Dolphins Auckland’s Mark Costello has found that people from many countries eat marine mammals, like dolphins.
  4. Extras: Otago asthma research cited; AUT supporting land speed record bid; blood protein research by Otago Uni’s Prof Stephen Brennan.

Public Issues

  1. Dairy Lincoln’s Prof Keith Woodford on dairy farm ownership and Waikato’s Prof Jacqueline Rowarth on Fonterra’s overseas partnerships.
  2. Honey Otago Uni’s Peter Dearden on the impact of pesticides on honey bees (RNZ, TelstraClear).
  3. Huawei Otago Uni’s Prof Hank Wolfe comments on the Huawei security issues.
  4. Women and Violence Canterbury’s Prof Greg Newbold reckons violent women are influenced by “kick-ass women” in the media.
  5. Youth Wages Canterbury’s Eric Crampton on youth wages.
  6. Christchurch Democracy Canterbury’s Bronwyn Hayward had an op-ed on local government in Christchurch.
  7. Extras: Otago Uni’s Mark McGuire on newspapers; Massey’s Prof Jill Bevan-Brown on gifted Maori children; AUTs Elizabeth du Preez on inherited property; Auckland’s David Scott on Lotto chances; AUT’s Paul Moon on a delusional book; Otago Uni academics on the future of the book; Chicago priest speaks at Laidlaw College; AUT’s Rawiri Taonui on the Super 15 (why, I don’t know); Massey’s Paul Spoonley on racist nutters; Waikato’s Richard Bedford on immigration; PEETO’s Patrick O’Connor on Christchurch’s Somali community; Waikato’s Prof Raymond Richards on Mormonism; Victoria’s Jan Pryor on only children; AUT’s Andreas Mikellis on dress sizing; Auckland’s Merv Merrilees is a climate sceptic.


  1. Flat Man! A Canterbury student dresses up as a superhero and helps students in need (APNZ).
  2. Dead Dog News Turns out the dead dog used by an Otago Poly art student was not found by the road but stolen from a vet’s clinic. Wow.
  3. Hurting Animals A Massey student found lots of students in her study had hurt animals.
  4. Extras: Otago Uni’s student prez on proposed liquor ban; Otago Uni netballer; Otago Poly students help fashion awards; AUT freecycler; EIT cricketer; Wintec student’s bus problems; Victoria grad’s prosthetic leg design; Otago Poly students’ designs on runway; Malaysians sports at Otago Uni; students filling up Hamilton buses.


  1. Cycling SIT to be main sponsor of junior world cycling champs.
  2. The Blues…don’t like their Unitec training facilities, but luckily they’re building elsewhere rather than conning Unitec into upgrading.
  3. Extras: Massey hosts effluent management visit; Victoria tuatara spread their wings; UCOL’s Kane Parsons playing Buddy Holly; Shave for a Cure at BOPP: EIT Tairawhiti eradicating possums; school mashup competition at BOPP.

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