News 29/3 – Intl Students Drop. Canty Cuts. Stair Climb.

March 29th 2012 at 7:33am, By Dave Guerin

Off to introduce Steven Joyce as a conference this morning. Any suggestions on what I should say?

Policy, Management & People

  1. Intl Students Dropby 37% in Canterbury last year, but were up a bit in the rest of NZ (NewstalkZB, APNZ, The Press, RNZ). And here’s a story on the impact on TEIs. I pointed out much the same drop in August last year, based on visa figures.
  2. Computer Power There may be more news on a buyer at the end of the week.
  3. Human Rights Auckland is setting up a NZ Centre for Human Rights Law, Policy and Practice.
  4. Canty Cuts Some students are angry about Canterbury course cuts (and a later story with more detail), while the TEU President and branch leaders (hi Tree) sent an open letter to Steven Joyce asking him to pull finger on supporting Canterbury.
  5. Extras: Sir Paul Callaghan’s funeral (Fairfax, NewstalkZB); BOPP enrolment trends; ATTTO on industry training benefits.

Research & Innovation

  1. Extras: Otago Uni research on marine protected areas (oops, I said Canterbury yesterday).

Public Issues

  1. Housing Massey housing affordability report (RNZ, Fairfax, Massey release).
  2. Charter Schools Whitireia’s Margaret Southwick, Auckland’s John Taylor and CPIT’s Hana O’Regan have 3/7 spots on the charter schools working group.
  3. Extras: Auckland’s Andrew Colarik on Huawei; Otago Uni’s Neil car on adventure tourism; Canterbury’s Ursula Cheer on Internet libel; Victoria’s Dianne Bardsley on NZ English words for drinking; Auckland’s Prof Michael Myers on banning Facebook; Otago Poly’s Daniel Pfyl makes pie; visiting prof at Canterbury on Internet research; Eric Crampton on Geoff Bertram on booms; Otago Uni’s Jane Millichamp on mother’s guilt; Victoria’s David Stewart on Porirua promotion.


  1. Stair Climb An AUT student is doing an impressive stair climb for charity.
  2. Extras: Waikato model; UCOL musician; more on Dunedin drinking.


  1. Polish ex-Prezwill speak at Canterbury this week.
  2. Extras: UCOL recognition for ex-Masterton mayor.

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