News 9/3 – Huffer Clothes. Training Wage. Computer Animation Lab.

March 9th 2012 at 7:38am, By Dave Guerin

Euroasia Language Academy had a cute idea to use Graham Henry’s Argentinean role to promote Spanish language learning. They didn’t execute it that well, but cute idea.

Policy, Management & People

  1. Huffer Clothes I had no idea where to put this story, but Auckland has a new line of Huffer apparel. I checked out the site and it’s a good range – does anyone think their institution’s range is better?
  2. Training Wage The TEU has an innovative line this week, with VP Richard Draper arguing that training wages (which can be below the minimum wage) encourage students away from study and into jobs, with low pay for students and poor EPIs from providers.
  3. PBRF Effects The TEU is also using a rather weak graph about Marsden Fund grants to illustrate a potential problem about the PBRF’s negative impact on NZ-focused research. I understand they put caveats around it, but they really should follow up the issue if they want to convince anyone. The results might be quite interesting.
  4. Procurement Otago Poly’s Council had a discussion about procurement, with a buy local focus.
  5. Extras: Massey-TWOA MOU (release); Waikato’s Tauranga enrolments; TEU on backroom cuts; fundraising for Otago Uni oncology programme.

Research & Innovation

  1. Computer Animation Lab Auckland’s Mark Sagar is launching a new computer animation lab with a focus on facial animation. He knows his stuff, winning two technical Oscars while at Weta Digital.
  2. Rating Wine Lincoln’s Wendy Parr has been working with colleagues in Paris on responses to wine.
  3. Women’s Day Auckland’s Jennifer Curtin in a NZ Herald op-ed on gender and leadership. Otago Uni’s Prof Christine Winterbourn on taking opportunities.
  4. Extras: Otago Poly’s Penelope Kinney on psychiatric patients; Auckland’s Prof Alistair Woodward on walking; Lincoln cadmium research.

Public Issues

  1. Fonterra Capital Fonterra Director and Massey academic Nicola Shadbolt on Fonterra’s capital structure.
  2. Holocaust Waikato’s’ Alexander Gillespie continues the debate on what is a holocaust.
  3. Extras: Otago Uni’s Prof Nigel Dickson on lower HIV infections (Aids Foundation); evidence by Auckland’s Prof David Williams on Urewera case.


  1. Fiji & Quakes Three Canterbury students are off to Fiji on a quake-related scholarship.
  2. NMIT House A student-built house at NMIT has been sold to another student.
  3. Dragon’s Den Groups of IT student at Otago Poly have gone through a Dragon’s Den experience (iStart).
  4. Vietnam Link The first students from a new Massey-Vietnam National University relationship have arrived.
  5. Extras: WITT students visiting an abattoir; Otago Uni cyclist; Canterbury student’s ACC problems.


  1. Grad Mentoring Awanuiarangi has developed a mentoring approach for beginning Maori-medium teachers.
  2. Food and Bev Lincoln’s Caroline Saunders is helping out the West Coast’s food and beverages industry.
  3. Open Days…at Victoria’s Coastal Ecology Lab on Saturday and a couple of weeks later at CTC Aviation Training in Hamilton.
  4. Extras: Retail Institute survey; Otago Poly panel discussion in Queenstown.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Extras: distance education lecture.

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