News 5/3 – Student Action. 25,000 Animal Deaths. Naked Vets.

March 5th 2012 at 9:26am, By Dave Guerin

169 students have been met by the proctor at Otago Uni after Orientation bad behaviour – good to see direct consequences for those causing trouble, which is better than just banning things for everyone.

Policy, Management & People

  1. Student Action NZUSA and AUSA got active on Friday, with NZUSA arguing against student loans as did their affiliated Tertiary Women’s Focus Group. AUSA had a stunt with students begging for the essentials needed to live (NZN). The Greens’ MP Holly Walker also commented on the issue.
  2. Malvina Major Dame Malvina Major, new Waikato senior fellow, is profiled in The Waikato Times.
  3. Shaky Buildings? Otago Uni is briefing staff on Tuesday about quake assessments on Dunedin buildings. The ODT is complaining that they’re not invited, but what are the odds they’ll have the details by Wed morning?
  4. Youth Transitions The situation of a Nelson provider provides a good window into how new youth connection services will work for 15-19 year olds. Nice work Nelson Mail.
  5. TIA-DPB The NZ Herald’s Fran O’Sullivan wrote about how Paula Bennett should be seen for changing allowances that she benefitted from as a sole parent.
  6. Extras: tax and loan debt up; house for Otago Uni neurosurgery fundraising; Auckland’s Heather Peters is retiring after 20 years at Auckland’s Tai Tokerau teach education campus; BOPP marketing careers; Otago Uni stadium issues.

Research & Innovation

  1. 25,000 Animal Deaths 25,000 animals died in Otago Uni research (NewstalkZB) during 2009 and 2010, which is quite a big number (53,000 animals were involved overall). The ODT had the main story, along with a context piece.
  2. Yearlings Massey’s Charlotte Bolwell and colleagues looked into the preparation of yearling horses.
  3. Volunteers & Disasters BOPP and Waikato are doing research into the experience of Rena volunteers (SunLive, NewstalkZB).
  4. Big Penguin There’s more interest in the big penguin reconstructed by Otago Uni’s Prof Ewan Fordyce (Stuff).
  5. Extras: new regulatory reform book with Victoria’s Suzy Frankel leading the team; Victoria’s David Ackerly saving kiwifruit; profile of Auckland’s Prof Annie Goodson and her latest doco; exhibition by Media Design School’s Aleksander Sakowski; Unitec’s Evangelia Papoutsaki has co-edited a book on communication in PNG; Victoria’s Gareth Rouch on young fathers.

Public Issues

  1. Real Estate Agents Massey’s Susan Flint-Hartle reckons some real estate agents charge too much.
  2. Name Suppression Waikato’s Wayne Rumbles commenting on name suppression changes.
  3. Foreign Fisherman Auckland’s Glenn Simmons says conditions will improve but NZ might need international help.
  4. Jesus and Cancer Otago Uni’s Michael Sullivan comments on whether Jesus heals cancer (I didn’t listen but I don’t imagine he settles the issue).
  5. Kiribati Relocation Victoria’s Teresa Teaiwa comments on plans for the Kiribati government to buy up land in Fiji.
  6. Extras: Canterbury’s Greg Newbold on assistance to leave gangs; Massey’s David Tripe on bank margins (Fairfax); Otago Uni to test contents of mystery drums; Canterbury’s Prof Ursula Cheer on a privacy issue; Canterbury’s Maan Alkaisi on the CTV building; Auckland’s Prof Charles Clifton on building with steel; Otago Uni’s Patty Towl on kids’ bad behaviour; Massey’s Mike Joy slams $30m on Manawatu River cleanup; Massey’s Andy Martin on implications from the ORFU losses; NMIT tutor on bugs; Otago Uni Jane Elmslie on McD’s; Canterbury’s Pro Ursula Cheer on a paedophile’s privacy; Otago Uni’s Prof Mark Henaghen and Pauline Gulliver on helping children to thrive; Unitec’s Keith Rankin on economics.


  1. Naked Vets It’s that time of year again, when the Massey vet students start promoting their nude calendar.
  2. University Showjumping I didn’t know there was a University Showjumping Championship, let alone a Series of such events. Anyway a Massey student won the latest event, while another Massey student came first equal in the series with an Auckland student.
  3. Fire Rescue Lincoln Telford students and tutors helped save a mother and her children from a fire.
  4. Sounds in the Sunmoved from Unitec to Vector Arena after bad weather (NZH). It sold out too with 10,000 tickets going out the door, which would make it the largest single Orientation event in the country, by a country mile.
  5. Extras: Massey toga party; Canterbury student on healing sunlight; Christchurch urban design scholarships; Otago Uni rower and runner; Massey skier.


  1. Pub Buy-up Otago Uni’s buy-up of student pubs has apparently caused overcrowding at Dunedin’s Octagon.
  2. Gambian Help Otago Uni’s Prof Kim Economides has helped Gambian law students – good on him, it’s a nice place with nice people.
  3. Spelling Bee Victoria’s Matthew Trundle is the new spelling bee competition announcer.
  4. G-G Visit The Aussie G-G visited Lincoln, with a media release that has more award and title acronyms than you could shake a stick at.
  5. School Leadership Waikato Institute for Leisure and Sport Studies ran a leadership event for school students, funded by Waikato.
  6. Extras: art city symposium at Otago Poly; minor issues about Victoria’s iPredict made the paper and again; carvers at AUT.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Massey Leading? Proposed changes to Massey teacher education will apparently be a first for NZ, by doing away with undergrad degrees. Someone should really tell them about the NZ Graduate School of Education, set up in 1996.
  2. Extras: Nelson trades academy opens (Nelson Mail, RNZ).

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