News 13/2 – Fake Security School. New Acting School. Seal Steal.

February 13th 2012 at 8:19am, By Dave Guerin

If you’re on Twitter, why not follow Steven Joyce? He joined up last year but only really started tweeting last week and seems to be having some fun with it.

Policy, Management & People

  1. Fake Security School The Genesis International College of Security will probably face legal action from NZQA. I wasn’t sure what they’d do them for earlier, but it turns out that NZQA is upset about false qualifications. The video at the link shows certificates “issued in conjunction with” NZQA and for a “National Certificate in Security Level 3”, but the provider was not registered as a PTE. S292C of the Education Act 1989 states that a person commits an offence who “knowingly or recklessly issues an award that falsely represents that a person has achieved a qualification listed on the Qualifications Framework”, and offering a national certificate appears to be prima facie evidence for the offence. A fine of up to $10,000 may be charged upon conviction. One the plus side, another PTE (C4 Group) has offered tuition free of charge to the duped students.
  2. New Acting School Some Auckland actors plan to set up an acting school, The Actors Program, with a practical focus. Fees are $11,900 plus GST.
  3. Stars Not Aligned Fairfax reports on a major stoush between a student and supervisor at Auckland over astronomy research. It’s a long article but worth a read.
  4. R&D $$ AUT’s John Raine called for more investment in R&D.
  5. Waikato’s Value Waikato has commissioned a report showing they add a lot of value to the Waikato economy (Waikato Times).
  6. Wintec Enrolments…are down 3% at Jan 31 but it seems nothing to worry about, as 2011 was very high.
  7. BIMs Someone notes that TEC supplied their BIM PDF as scanned images where you couldn’t copy the text, one of the few agencies to do so. A colleague and I noted exactly the same thing the day before.
  8. Student Centre Massey Albany has opened a new student centre.
  9. MasterChef? Aoraki’s Iain Bamber made it into MasterChef but we don’t know how far he went.
  10. Extras: Steve Maharey’s lunch made the paper; arrests at Otago Uni (not students/staff); media release about Steven Joyce supporting work of students’ associations; story on Outward Bound, with criticism by Otago Uni’s Mike Boyes; The NZ Herald has a story on MOE research on overseas loan borrowers and Fairfax covers returns to education (inc comment from Retail Institute’s Desleigh Jameson).

Research & Innovation

  1. Seal Steal A Japanese PhD student found that a seal swam off from Kaikoura with his tracking gear, ending up in Dunedin – a nice story. He’s a Uni of Tokyo student working with Massey.
  2. Asthma Otago Uni’s Karen Silvers has found that breastfeeding can help reduce asthma (ODT, NZN, NewstalkZB).
  3. Extras: Massey hosting an international small business conference; school principals are disputing Otago Uni findings that they weren’t sunsmart; AUT’s Sergei Gulyaev on the Square Kilometre Array bid; law conference at Otago Uni; Waikato student’s drinking thesis cited; Waikato masters grad looked at childless couples; Waikato student on people moving from Christchurch to Waikato; Canterbury psychologists found anxious people make mistakes.

Public Issues

  1. Cycle Helmets Auckland’s Alistair Woodward debunks a report on cycling helmet effects.
  2. Election Otago Uni’s Andrew Geddis and Bryce Edwards on alleged electoral law breaches.
  3. Boring School Massey’s Andrew Cardow on boring schools that don’t foster creativity.
  4. Extras: discussion on central Otago wilding pines continues, with deference to Otago Uni’s Mick Strack; dolphin research by Otago Uni’s Liz Slooten cited; Auckland’s Bill Hodge apparently said something in Fiji is “berserk, bananas and bizarre“; review of work by Auckland’s Jason Ingham on unreinforced masonry buildings; Auckland’s Prof Stuart McNaughton on cutting socio-economic gaps in education and Bill Hodge on laws for ethnic groups; AUT’s Charles Crothers on the national mood; Otago Uni’s Prof Lois Surgener on eating disorder hospital admissions; Auckland and Otago academics on recreation and work stress; Otago Uni’s Doug Sellman on young people getting antidepressants; Otago Uni’s Bruce Robertson on sealion risks; Auckland’s Martin Connolly on the retirement age; Otago and Auckland academics on suicide.


  1. Salient Success A few dozen alumni of Victoria’s student newspaper Salient gathered for a reunion at the weekend. There were lots of public names in attendance.
  2. Origami Job An AUT student has a great sideline making origami how-to videos for YouTube. Her work looks very impressive.
  3. Opera Job A budding Victoria student is raising money for her fees by singing opera in a bullring.
  4. Liquor Ban A Dunedin liquor ban, which has been approved for consultation, might just shift the problem.
  5. SVA Sam Sam Johnson’s life has gone a bit crazy since the SVA success in Canterbury.
  6. 21 Years An OUSA staff member celebrates 21 years on the job.
  7. Extras: Otago Uni student’s packing list; Otago Uni music grad has great options; preview of OUSA Orientation; Canterbury runner and motor racer; Lincoln team came fifth in Coast to Coast; student discipline at Otago Uni.


  1. Sharing Fruit Wintec’s Jeremy Briggs and other volunteers pick excess fruit and veggies to give to needy families. Nice.
  2. Oral Health Otago Uni is doing an oral health project with Waikato-Tainui.
  3. Extras: oiled wildlife centre at Mt Maunganui has closed; Dunedin Mayor raising money for Otago Uni neurological chair; Massey will check whether a gecko choked on a slug and found that a seal was shot (RNZ); Wintec’s Garry Roberton on ICT jobs; regional Young Farmer comp at Lincoln; Unitec to host Super 15 warm-up match.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Extras: Maori trades training at Otago Poly; why you should do an MBA.

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