News 12/1 – Canterbury Discounts? Student Services. NZ & US/China.

January 12th 2012 at 9:14am, By Dave Guerin

We’re launching a new weekly series at 11am. Spotlight will ask interesting people in the sector 5 quick questions to given an insight into their organisations. Hope you enjoy it!

Policy & Management

  1. Canterbury Discounts? Canterbury has turned down an apparent request for a discount by Christchurch City Council, just after the Council gave its CE a pay rise. Putting aside the local politics, it would seem reasonable for a large organisation to seek a discount from a university, but in Canterbury’s case they’ve had their tuition funding guaranteed already by the government, so tuition fee income is the only new income they’ll get.
  2. Virtual Gallery AUT has developed a virtual gallery space for students to display art – they think it’ a world first.
  3. Student Services Unitec has signed a student services agreement with their students’ assn. Massey seems to have struck a tighter deal with students and the newspaper at Palmie, Chaff, may go, to be replaced by a monthly publication with Massey Wellington. Why no-one is setting up a group blog, rather than a physical paper, is beyond me.
  4. Literacy Workbase’s Katherine Percy is using the slow period to good effect, by promoting adult workforce literacy – the NZ Herald has a good story.
  5. Extras: Canterbury Ballet School is moving some classes to Nelson (Nelson story).

Research & Innovation

  1. Extras: Waikato research to improve lake quality.

Public Issues

  1. NZ & US/China Victoria’s Robert Ayson discusses NZ’s options after the US decision to focus its military on Asia (read China).
  2. Balloon Crash AUT’s Max Abbott on the psychological impact on people in Carterton.
  3. Sea Lions Otago Uni’s Bruce Robertson on sea lions (TV3) and their risk of extinction.
  4. Extras: Otago Uni’s Jim Mann on obesity; National and Labour defended themselves against an Otago Uni academic’s accusation of favouritism toward the food industry; Massey’s Peter Lineham on Destiny Church; David Rankin disagreeing with AUT’s Paul Moon.


  1. Extras: $7m of student earnings thru SJS at Otago Uni last year (release); Waikato student into car racing; Victoria student helped out with an archaeological job.


  1. Extras: EIT paid to restore a Goldie print.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Vampires…are the focus of a summer school course at Otago Uni by Garth Cartwright. Meanwhile, dance students are heading to India.
  2. Extras: Canterbury’s Alison Ogier-Price teaching happiness.

2 Responses to News 12/1 – Canterbury Discounts? Student Services. NZ & US/China.


Eric Crampton

January 12th, 2012 at 9:28 am

I love Mann’s optimism on that he’s in a position where the Government would just love for him to back down on his support for fat taxes in exchange for his getting to negotiate a national obesity strategy with them.

I too would be willing to back down on some of my more extreme positions if only the government would enter into negotiations with me on a National Freedom Strategy. I, however, recognize that I have no threat point and so know it’s futile. And so Mann’s optimism is cute.


Dave Guerin

January 12th, 2012 at 9:41 am

Eric, I forgot to link to your post on Jim Mann

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