News 13/9 – Coffee Roasting. E-Cigarettes. RWC Stories.

September 13th 2011 at 6:58am, By Dave Guerin

  1. Coffee Roasting Waikato PhD student Cameron Kelly is checking out how to automate coffee roasting, although his supervisor Prof Jonathan Scott hogged the story.
  2. e-Cigarettes Auckland’s Chris Bullen is checking out whether e-cigarettes help people quit smoking.
  3. RWC Stories A Victoria grad has designed the man of the match trophies for the tournament. Victoria manages to avoid the RWC in this release about search lights over Wellington, but the net result looks great. Details about Auckland students’ contribution to the RWC. The Manawatu Daily Standard fulfils its statutory role of defending Massey and its academics, but also covered Te Wananga O Aotearoa’s plans to break Guinness world records for biggest scrum etc. AUT’s Nigel Harris on whether you too can look like SBW.
  4. Nelson Student $$ The Nelson Mail did a story on NMIT’s international student spending survey, with a comment from Nelson English Centre’s James Upton too.
  5. Margaret Mutu The Listener weighs in on the discussion.
  6. Student Services NZUSA’s Max Hardy comments on proposed changes to student services fees. ACT’s Heather Roy comments on surveys of the value of student services.
  7. 9/11 Auckland’s Zain Ali and Otago Uni’s Robert Patman (and with Vic’s Prof Jim Veitch) reflect on 9/11.
  8. Cow Growth Massey’s Jean Margerison has been researching a calf supplement and found some pretty good results.
  9. Environment Waikato’s James Beattie is launching a book on colonial concerns about environmental change.
  10. Short Bits Massey: check out the Fire Club; Jo Ross on demand for suburbia; student at Miss Universe; a student who has designed a CanTeen bandanna; student gets packaging award; Prof John Holland gets an award for falcon study; fellowship for student; Angie Farrow on local theatre; student netballer. Victoria: Prof Kathryn Walls to give an inaugural lecture on poetry and science; student running for Parliament; Miss India Wellington; grad survey launches. Lincoln and Canterbury academics on high country land. TWOA: Maori weaving. Otago Poly: offering sustainability courses up north. Waikato: guest speaker on Trans-Tasman migration (TV3, APNZ); rowing races; breakfast with academics. Auckland: national mooting champs. BOPP: Debra Laraman on fashion sustainability. AUT: Elaine Rush up for a woman of the year award. Canterbury: Prof David Schiel on whitebait. HortITO: horticulturalist of the year competition.

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