News 24/5 – Flight Training. Vampires. Bogans. PBRF.

May 24th 2011 at 9:11am, By Dave Guerin

  1. Flight Training ATTTO has reached agreement with providers and industry on a project to cut aviation quals from 28 down to 2 – good work! It seems silly to have so many quals when they’re all leading to the same CAA certification. The Waikato Times has a story from a training provider saying that the changes will be good, while NMIT’s student assn argued that they would be a problem.
  2. Vampires A Vic student involve in a vampire-style attack was discharged without conviction.
  3. Bogan Hamilton After being labelled as a bogan city in an Auckland Uni linguistic students’ survey, a Waikato PhD student Dave Snell’s thesis – The Everyday Life of Bogans: Identity and Community Among Heavy Metal Fanshas confirmed the hypothesis. You might remember that this guy’s research grant was controversial a few years back.
  4. Filling Gaps I like this CPIT project for architecture students to design and implement temporary arts projects in empty sites in Christchurch. Speaking of filling gaps, a Lincoln grad has won a London landscaping contract.
  5. PBRF The TEU is arguing against Christchurch institutions having to face the same PBRF processes as everyone else next year, and that the quake requires alternative approaches.
  6. Prospectus Aoraki Poly has put out a press release about their new prospectus. At first I thought this was a silly press release (who cares about a prospectus?) but after reading it, it provides a rationale for changes from this year to next and is a really good way to show responsiveness to the local community/economy. More TEOs should copy them.
  7. Continuing Ed Massey has launched a new “lifelong learning centre” or a continuing education service as we would normally know it.
  8. Wellywood Otago’s Rob Aitken on the marketing of places with big signs.
  9. Youth Week Canterbury student Emma Hinge is the Youth General Manager for the 2011 Youth Week (NewstalkZB).
  10. Mobile Phones Otago’s Jeff Matsuura and Waikato’s Anna Kingsbury on Commerce Commission mobile phone regulation.
  11. Mature Students Two MIT mature students (they’re a couple) talk about their experience studying.
  12. Disney After going to Otago Uni, Disney was recruiting at Bay of Plenty Poly – this is a good story really, with heaps of context.
  13. Cold Walk Canterbury and Waikato researchers have a found a small depot for a 1920s Antarctic expedition (no whisky, just crampons).
  14. Water Footprint Massey’s David Horne argues that water footprints might be a major new marketing element. He’s probably right.
  15. Matariki Auckland Uni is celebrating Matariki with various events.
  16. Farm Energy Two Waikato grads (maybe one,) who are also brothers, are developing a business to help famers develop their own energy.
  17. File Sharing Auckland’s Uni’s library is used as an example by LIANZA of the risks facing libraries under new anti file sharing legislation to their Internet accounts.
  18. Short Bits Victoria: an emeritus professor on penal reform; a grad has won a Commonwealth Writers’ Award. An AUT student is in the junior NZ hockey squad while a Council member has a new role. A Waiariki student on the local Youth Council. EIT is sponsoring a local not-for-profit award and a film grad has done well in post-quake Christchurch. Massey: Prof Jacqueline Rowarth judging the top 40 people in agribusiness; Prof Sir Paul Callaghan is giving a lecture. Otago Uni researchers are arguing for different heart medication for some Maori and Pacific people because of drug resistance (RNZ, NZPA), while others said the world is not safer after Osama’s death. Minister Jonathan Coleman spoke to the NZ Medical Students’ Assn. UCOL: home being auctioned for a hospice; student music night; a band of grads and tutors; and typography awards. A violinist is jamming with Whitireia students. Otago Poly has approved a new heating system. EXMSS’ Dave Crampton isn’t impressed with Phil Goff. Cardinal Logistics has worked with Workbase to deliver literacy training.

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