News 2/3 – Meeting a Rescuer, Saving Animals, Recovery

March 2nd 2011 at 6:32am, By Dave Guerin

  1. Warm Moment A Japanese King’s Education student is visited by her rescuers.
  2. CTV Building There will be an inquiry into the CTV and PGC building collapses, but it seems that it will be complicated to find out what happened – seems there was an engineer’s assessment of CTV after the last quake.
  3. Saving Animals at CPIT TVNZ had a nice story yesterday about the animal rescue team (including Massey and ATTTO people) saving the animals from the CPIT veterinary nursing course. It’s about 2/3 through episode 2 at this link (can’t find the direct story). What’s also good is that that part of CPIT is in very good nick. NMIT is also preparing to host some CPIT students.
  4. Universities’ Recovery Rod Carr was on RNZ yesterday morning for a good interview on recovery – it’s 23 minutes long but NZPA has the basics.
    Universities NZ is confident that Lincoln, Canterbury and Otago Uni in Chch will get back on their feet and is helping them. NZUSA put out a good release looking at the needs of students seeking to stay or go. NZPA covered both.
  5. English Language Schools’ Recovery Radio NZ had a good story on the issues facing English language schools in Christchurch. It focuses on Christchurch College of English, which has shifted to the Burnside Bowling Club until their University of Canterbury base reopens. About 80 students were being taught (half of normal). At Dominion English Schools, most students have transferred to the Auckland campus. The challenge for the sector is to reopen and get students back, with support from industry generic promotion.
  6. Govt Support TEC has made some useful decisions to support ITOs in Christchurch.
  7. Students in Action Some students cleaning up are profiled by the Nelson Mail and they’re getting 100 free tickets to the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival. A Canterbury Uni grad had his first shower in days.
  8. Quake Analysis Visiting American geophysicist Kevin Furlong (now at Waikato Uni) on quakes. Two Victoria academics on risk perception and quake impacts. Academics have debunked the silly moon man Ken Ring.
  9. Graduation Ceremonies…have been cancelled at the University of Canterbury and CPIT.
  10. Short Bits An adjunct lecturer at Victoria is now CE of the Whanganui Museums Trust. Otago Uni has co-developed a wound healing gel for after sinus surgery, and now the patent has been sold (ODT story). Financial advisers are slow to sit their ETITO exams. A Waikato Uni academic advises managers to accentuate the positive. A Dutch fashion designer at Otago Poly. Otago Poly chefs cook frittata. Otago Uni academics have edited a book on Asians’ role in New Zealand. A Victoria PhD student on aquatic animals’ recovery in new reserves. The NZ Music Industry Centre at Otago Uni has offered its first annual award of free studio time to The Clean (also ODT), founded in 1978 – I like them but not too sure about the description of them as contemporary musicians though. NorthTec has told students it will live up to their investment expectations. Orientation is getting going at Massey. EIT has a nice new website.

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