News 19/10 (second story) – TWOA, Uni Entrance, Auckland Uni fees

October 19th 2010 at 9:03am, By Dave Guerin

Given a backlog of stories, this is today’s second news post. There’s a story below on training DHB board members, which reminds me that ED consultant David Choat was elected to the Capital and Coast DHB ten days ago. I’ve congratulated him personally, but thought I’d let you all know too. Make sure to call him if you need to be bumped up the waiting list 🙂

  1. TWOA Resurgence TVNZ has done a story on the resurgence of Te Wananga O Aotearoa after a pretty rough time five years ago. The text story is brief but the video has much more detail – it is, however, a once over lightly story and demonstrates the problem of the lack of specialisation in TV reporting.
  2. Silly Research Earlier today I mentioned the silly research (well, really it is just advocacy) by Otago Uni academics saying that alcohol was more expensive than bottled water. Water New Zealand agreed, pointing out that water comes out of the tap at less than a cent for 10 litres.
  3. Uni Entrance University entrance may get harder or easier depending on how you look at it, according to an NZQA announcement.
  4. VSM Vote Tomorrow The VSM Bill goes up for second reading tomorrow and NZUSA has a media release. It won’t pass its third reading until at least the next member’s day, so at least two weeks.
  5. Libyan Deal NZ could get $30m from an education deal with Libya, to take on up to 300 scholarship students.
  6. Auckland Fees University of Auckland fees will go up by the maximum 4% next year – I’ll send a chocolate fish to anyone who can show that Auckland has ever NOT put up fee by the maximum allowed. Craccum did a preview story.
  7. Exhibitions WelTec has a series of events in its School of Creative Technologies exhibition this October and November – first up is an exhibition in Thistle Hall in Wellington (since the ITF is across the road, they have no excuse not to go!). A University of Auckland exhibition on architecture is going to be at Vic’s Adam Art Gallery (I’m only 200m away, but it is up the hill…).
  8. Science Writing The shortlist for The Manhire Prize for Creative Science Writing has been released – it’s a joint VUW-RSNZ award. 
  9. Short Bits HSI wants 10,000 workers for the Rugby World Cup. SIT nursing students are holding a health expo. Aoraki Poly had a small shrub fire (I meant shrub, not scrub).
  10. Media Mentions Timaru’s population (Lincoln and Waikato Unis), training DHB Boards (Otago), seismic engineering (UC).
  11. Otago Corner Otago Uni has named a new quality head honcho, is hosting the saboteur priest Fr Peter Murnane, has a physics academic arguing to replace water pipes now before peak oil hits, has secured funding for a zebrafish facility (for more on zebrafish research, read this – it’s really quite interesting),and is tangentially involved in a dental therapist dispute (the DHB is trying to claw back some of the 48 [!] days of leave the staff get). Otago Poly is having a big plant sale this weekend if you’re near Cromwell, where it also just had a cooking competition (here and here).

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